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Week Two "Unattainable" (Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday Classes)

We're off to another great week at Powergirldance! We are seriously loving being back in the studio with these girls. This week for our tweens and teens we'll be reading and discussing this article by Girls Empowerment Network titled "Media Today: Unattainable Beauty Standards". The article speaks to how adolescent girls are constantly consuming media and therefore find themselves comparing their bodies to women in Hollywood. "According to a study by the Girl Scouts of America in 2010, out of over 1000 adolescent girls surveyed, 88% of the girls believe that the media puts a lot of pressure on them to be thin and 65% believe that the body image represented in the fashion industry in the media is too skinny, and 60% said they compare their body to what they see in magazines."

The article goes further to talk about adolescent girls of color who are given even less representation in media, forced to compare themselves to women who are "white, tall, and thin." Lack of diversity in media representation can leave a girl desperate to see someone who looks like her on TV and in movies. Actress Danielle Brooks recently said “Ideally, I want to see all beauties, all shapes, all sizes, all skin tones, all backgrounds represented in my profession. Now that I am blessed to be that reflection I was once looking for, I’m making a promise to speak out for that little girl that I used to be.”

We want our girls to know they do not need to measure themselves against the women they see in mainstream media. We are encouraging our girls to be themselves. We remain focused on mental and physical strength and health. Join us in talking with your girls about it this week! https://www.girlsempowermentnetwork.org/blog/media-today-unattainable-beauty-standards/

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