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Week 8, Fall 2019 Wednesday and Friday: Meet Barbara Trentalange, An Artist with a Voice

Barbara Trentalange, local artist, and Mom to Powergirldancer, Liv, will be having a brief discussion with both classes this week about her new series of large paintings, 'PNWAthletes' which will have it's opening at the art gallery at Cupcake Royale (Capitol Hill) on Thursday, November 14th from 5-9 pm. Here is a description of the event and I highly encourage my Powergirldancers, friends and family to stop in to see her extraordinary work honoring female athletes. Barbara worked closely with Megan Rapinoe, Noelani Pantastico (ballerina with PNB), Hailey Burleson (UW Gymnastics star) among other well known athletes for this series. I am pleased and honored to be a subject of the series too! I will be there and am offering all of my students a FREE Cupcake Royale cupcake for those Powergirls who drop in! Here is Barbara's description and bio: Barbara Trentalange is a musician and visual artist residing in Seattle, WA with her husband and daughter. She re-discovered the love of painting after her daughter was born in 2010. As a former Graphic Designer, Trentalange combines her graphic design sensibilities and fine artistic styling to create unique works of art. Her work has been displayed in solo shows around Seattle and featured in the Capitol Hill, Pioneer Square and Ballard art walks as well as displayed at Sounder’s clubhouse theNINETY.

Barbara specializes in large format acrylic portraiture and is largely commission-based. For more information on her work or to inquire about a portrait commission, please visit barbaratrentalange.com.

PNW Athletes” is a series of paintings created as a “Love letter” to my daughter, Liv. When Liv was 5 years old I was working on a series of paintings of the Seattle Sounders exploring color and movement through paint. The paintings were well received by the Sounders and were displayed at their clubhouse TheNinety. As I was creating the series, Liv mentioned she liked the paintings, but asked “Where are the girls?” The same year, while walking home from school, she asked me “Why don’t people care about girl’s sports?” My five-year-old was able to articulate her observation of gender inequity within sports in that short inquiry. Even worse, I was perpetuating that same inequity message at home with my work.

Since her inquiry, I was determined to celebrate athletes in sports without exclusion through my art. I thought if seeing a painting of a strong woman playing the sport she loves makes a difference in one little girl’s perspective, I’d start there. One painting turned into nine portraits of amazingly gifted individuals that were gracious enough to work with me on creating this vision. The resulting series is a range of athletes from the Pacific Northwest who inspire and continue to pave the way for future generations of athletes, who want to be celebrated and seen for their hard work and accomplishments regardless of gender. I want my daughter and all young athletes to know that people do care about “girl’s sports”.

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