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Week 6, Fall 2019 Friday Class

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Loving our bodies in an act of gratitude

Today we went around our beginning of the class circle and named one part of our bodies that we are grateful for and why. By showing our gratitude for our body, we start to deeply appreciate what it is capable of DOING rather than how it LOOKS. Our responses were powerful- "I like my head because it carries my brain which lets me think and be smart", "I like my legs because they are strong enough to carry me through my sports and my dance classes", "I like my hands because they allow me to do art and to write creative stories". Teacher Melanie started the circle with being grateful for her weathered feet that have carried her through a professional dance career and continue to hold her up granting her a full second career on her feet! When we switch our focus from the superficial to the authentic, we truly appreciate and honor ourselves and our bodies.

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